Do It Together (D.I.T)


WHEN | Spring 2017 - 10 Weeks.
FOR | Lowe's + SCAD Collaboration. About SCAD Industry Partneships.
WHAT | Research and develop concepts for D.I.Y. skill-learning events for Lowe’s customers, with the purpose of driving connectivity to both the brand and
the local store.
ROLE | Design Researcher & Graphic Designer.
CONTRIBUTIONS | Conducted secondary research, co-created and designed
cultural probes, data affinitazitation, co-ideation & concept development, created presentations templates, design & materials, and lead process book design.

For the final process book click here

We where a team of 20 students that got separated into two different teams
of 10 to focus on specific needs for the project. I was part of the On-Site team,
our mission was to create a community of millennial D.I.Y., red-vests, and teachers that have a safe space to learn, connect, and gain confidence through pop-up D.I.Y. experiences in Lowe’s parking lots.



We conducted secondary research in order to fully understand our subject of study. Then we dive into primary research conducting observations, immersion, interviews, online surveys, cultural probes and prototyping with end users. After we gathered all our data we started our affinitazitaion process, this helped us identify patterns and relationships between the data points which led us to core insights and user needs. 

Though the two teams developed different sets of insights we saw some consistent ideas. There were also certain themes which had more value than others. The core insights resulted from a combination of the two sets of insights and those insights which had stronger emotional ties to the users.

The core insights helped act as the design criteria for concept development. Each team sketched 300 concepts totaling 600 unique concepts. These concepts were then clustered based on criteria and their similarities.


Core insights & initial concepts


Images from the midterm presentation to Lowe's at SCAD.



Both teams pitched a total of 11 concepts for midterms. The feedback for the concepts gave direction in developing the concepts further. Our team wanted to test out some of the ideas we had had over the course of our research, so we set about creating a low fidelity version of the event we envisioned in order to understand how the public would react. Both teams conducted two different prototypes, the second one being more successful for both teams. 



We created an event that helps build a safe space for people to create the community, improve the dynamics in their locality and get people to learn skills that will empower them to do future D.I.T. projects. We call it “The Community Toolbox”. An experience that would empower the users with hands on learning skills and in the process create a collaborative space in the community. A truly D.I.T. experience. It consists of a tool box where the users can use and rent tools and is also a multi-functional pop-up that changes the behavior and dynamics of the communal space. 

For Millennials who are interested in the latest home decor trends and want to update their space with D.I.Y. projects, our D.I.T. service is a social event that provides a safe space and relaxed environment to learn D.I.Y. skills with a hands-on experience and that allows Millennials to create a takeaway piece for their homes. Unlike Home Depot workshops, our service is a full D.I.T. experience that teaches home improvement skills by combining drop-in and drop-off stations, a creative workshop, informational sessions, and inspiration booths, because of our aim to help users love where they live. 


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