Zoobrary Sales Pitch

WHEN | Fall 2016 - 10 Weeks.
FOR | SCAD Design Innovation Development and Marketing Strategies.
WHAT | Zoobrary provides children an interactive reading experience and provides social engagement through a creative platform.
ROLE | Design Researcher & Graphic Designer.
CONTRIBUTIONS | Conducted secondary research, developed interview questions & personas, co-created & designed cultural probes, co-ideation & concept development, created presentations templates & design, analysis & co-creation of: SWOT, BMC, Value Propositions & Blue Ocean Strategy, and lead process book design.

Look at the final process book here

The more that you read, the more things you’ll know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Through our research we realized there was a gap in the current social network platforms for children, specially pertained to reading, were they follow a simply ebook categorizing systems and did not offer interactive functions. We realized there was a real need for a social network that would encourage reading by engaging children while emphasizing social capabilities. 


secondary research

We conducted a competitor analysis of different young readers social networks. For each one we created 2x2 comparison matrices, SWOT analysis and Blue Ocean Strategy. Once the key competitors were narrowed down to two, Business Model Canvases were created for each. 

Primary research

We conducted several interviews, one online survey, and created a cultural probe. In order to create reliable and realistic representations of the key user group, we developed personas. The personas were strategically based on teachers, parents and children because they were the core and direct user groups. Then we developed empathy maps to gain a deeper insight into our personas. They where very helpful in pointing out the hidden needs of the target user groups. 

our Creative brief

Readers and book enthusiasts, ages 5 to 12 years old, are brought together for a book experience via an interactive social network platform. Through the flexible, digital world children are encouraged to create, discuss and socialize with like minded readers. By revamping existing technology and designing a kid friendly user-face, the culture of books is reborn online. 

our value proposition

For children who enjoy reading our interactive social network is an effort to get kids excited about reading with friends by providing an interactive platform unlike anything else on the market our network enhances the joy of reading while connecting like-minded children in a creative culture.

Zoobrary business model canvas

Zoobrary brand guidelines

Zoobrary prototype wireframe


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